Fools talk louder

Have you ever known a real idiot, loudmouth, braggart, bully. One of those people who get louder and louder during an argument most often repeating themselves.

I grew up with an idiot like that, Randy Zahn, was his name, luckily he moved to Paris with his third or fourth wife. Randy was best known for being the creative talent behind the Zahn Spot. If you don’t know. The Zahn spot is the pee stain left on ones trousers after having gone to the washroom and taking a piss only to have a little wet spot on your bluejeans as you return to your barstool. Well done Zahn.

Today I encountered another Randy he was however from another country likely Mexico however it could have been any Spanish speaking country. He was a stocky pock scarred little prick with just a tiny bit of authority and such a strong accent that he was almost hard to understand.

I stood and waited for a few minutes listening to this swarthy creep as he repeated over and over his instructions to what appeared to be a subordinate employee. I just wanted a toothbrush. The man being berated was a good looking, tall, slender guy, of mediterranean descent and he simply stood still nodding to the pompous little freak with the odd “you bet” “yep I understand” comments.

Once I felt I had listened to stubby’s rant for long enough I said “excuse me it seems like you might be a while so could you please hand me a toothbrush then you may continue”. The little freak glared at me as if I’d interrupted the sermon on the mount and said I should learn to be patient. I said he should learn how to treat people with respect and that just because it took ten or twenty repetitions of something before he understood it, if he learned how to read body language he would have known his co-worker understood the first time.

I can still picture the pure hatred in his eyes as I walked away and it still makes me smile or laugh to myself and the smile on my mediterranean friends face was well worth the interruption. I hope to have the chance again.

I love it when someone being very rude thinks someone being very polite is the rude one, we should all carry a cream pie for such occasions.